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Innovation News Front CoversInnovation News is the Innova Art newsletter for the imaging industry, featuring the latest product launches from the company as well as interviews with artists using digital media and tips and tricks on how to enhance digital prints. It is an invaluable source of information for anyone interested in digital art.

Below you will find a selection of articles from our archive, including pdfs to download for print editions and links to the online eInnovation News stories. To get the latest edition of eInnovation News straight to your inbox, click here to sign up to our monthly newsletter.


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In Conversation with Martin Vegas: Promoting cultural diversity worldwide

September 7th, 2018|

Innova Art and Atlas of Humanity in partnership at Photokina 2018 In partnership with Martin Vegas’s hugely ambitious enterprise, Atlas of Humanity, Innova Art will present two stunning exhibitions at Photokina 2018, Koelmesse, Cologne, Germany, [...]

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Innovation News: Print Edition

Innovation News, May 2015
Features: Printing with the Océ Arizona and JetMasteer Image Display Systems, Interviews with David Osborn and Natascha Van Niekerk, Photo Lab image display products.

Innovation News, September 2012
Features: New Lightweight Olmec Papers, Interview with Soenar Chamid, JetMaster Direct Print, FibaPrint® Warm Cotton Gloss 335gsm
Innovation News, Scrapbooking Special, January 2011
Features: Scrapbooking with JetMaster Display Systems

Innovation News, February 2011
Features: Intelligent Print Systems, Interview with Hank Gans, Innova Art Cards

Innovation News, April 2010
Features: Solvent Art Papers, Interview with David Witbeck, JetMaster Display System

Innovation News, September 2010
Features: Interview with Josh Cole, Eco-Solvent Decor Art Media, Intelligent Print Systems, JetMaster Display Systems

Innovation News, February 2009
Features: Seitz Camera and Photographer David Osborn

Innovation News, PIE Edition, February 2008
Features: Photographers Doug Menuez and David Osborn

Innovation News, Fotografair Edition, March 2008
Features: Photographers Doug Menuez and David Osborn

Innovation News, Fantac Edition, August 2008
Features: Photographers Doug Menuez and David Osborn

Innovation News, Photokina Edition, September 2008
Features: Interviews with Paul Kenny and Jack Lowe, Artists Profiles; Steve Smith, David Osborn, Jim McHugh and Timothy White

Innovation News, January 2007
Features: Doug Menuez reviews FibaPrint® Ultra Smooth Gloss, David Osborn and Innova at Paperworld

Innovation News, PMA Edition, March 2007
Features: Josh Greene and Doug Menuez review FibaPrint® Ultra Smooth Gloss, David Osborn and Innova Art, Innova Scoop 4 DIMA awards

Innovation News, Fantac Edition, September 2007
Features: Innova Scoop 4 DIMA awards, David Osborn and Innova Art, What is a Digital Fibre Paper?

Innovation News, September 2007
Features: Jean Miele talks his work and Innova papers, New Canvas Products, Interview with David Osborn

Innovation News, January 2006
Features: New FibaPrint® Range, Danny Chau speaks to Amateur Photographer Magazine, Tipa award winners, Doug Menuez at Photokina
Innovation News, September 2004
Features: The Passion of Christ Photokina Special, New range additions