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Kirsty-Anne Ward has been a part of the Innova Art team since 2012. She is responsible for marketing and design related activities within the company.

In Conversation with John Dyer: Inspiring Change Through Art

Art can be an amazing thing: it can inspire emotion and ignite passion in any viewer. Late in 2018, Innova Art heard of an inspirational project underway from an artist who aims to change the way young people view the conservation of endangered species, environments and cultures around the world. Curious to find out more, eInnovation News had a conversation with John Dyer, founder of Last Chance to Paint. eInnovation News: What inspired the Last Chance to Paint project? John Dyer: In 2015 I worked on a ground breaking painting project with Amazon Indian Nixiwaka Yawanawá ’Spirit of the Rainforest' and this type of cultural and global exploration through painting is something that I believe has huge potential. Whilst putting together my new book ‘Painting the Colours of the World’ with the author Kate Dinn and Alan Titchmarsh, who wrote the foreword, it became obvious that the last chapter had to be forward looking - new projects and that it should build on my global painting experiences and ’Spirit of the Rainforest' I always have so many projects in my mind, so once I started to consider these it seemed logical to bracket them into one large project with a series of ‘chapters'. I was inspired many years ago by the work of Douglas Adams (1952 - 2001) who wrote The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas also travelled with WWF zoologist Mark Carwardine and wrote a book ‘Last Chance to See’. I approached Mark, who agreed that ‘Last Chance to Paint’ was a great idea for the last chapter of my new book and the project has grown from that point. My work is studied at schools across the UK and beyond and ‘Last [...]

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See the World: Atlas of Humanity at The Photography Show 2019

Innova Art are pleased to be working in association with Atlas of Humanity to show a selection of prints from the project at The Photography Show 2019, March 16-19, Birmingham NEC. Inspired by the UNESCO universal declaration: “to help preserve and promote cultural diversity”, Atlas of Humanity is a collection of photographs conceived and curated by Martin Vegas. Started in 2015, the project has grown organically over time. Collated from contributions by more than 100 photographers worldwide, with an ever growing collection of images, currently showing more than 400 ethnic groups. Atlas of Humanity has one aim: to celebrate diversity through a photographic record of every culture worldwide. For the first time in the UK, visitors to The Photography Show 2019 will be able to get a taste of this ambitious project in print within a dedicated gallery space. Each image will be printed on a specially selected archival inkjet media manufactured by Innova Art. Prior to Photokina 2018, where the first printed exhibition took place, the only way that the Atlas of Humanity collection could be seen was online. Through the selection of images on display, visitors to The Photography Show 2019 will see that every photograph in the Atlas of Humanity project focusses on the diversity of the subject matter. The creative styles and approaches of each individual photographer are secondary to the subject of the image. Although their individual talents are not the focus of this project, the pool of photographers building this collection is as diverse as the collection itself. Ranging from professionals and photo journalists with multiple awards, through to talented amateurs and friends of photographers already involved. Anyone and everyone who uses a camera is invited to contribute to [...]

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New Eco Solvent Poster Art Paper 210gsm (IFA 145)

Brand new to the Innova Graphic Art range, Eco Solvent Poster Art Paper 210gsm (IFA 145) is specifically designed for open edition art and poster prints. With a soft textured natural white surface this eco solvent, latex and UV ink compatible, archival quality, inkjet fine art paper is reminiscent of a traditional etching paper. The key difference is the lightweight base. This means that every print produced on this paper is ultra flexible: ideal for shipping prints in tubes ready for framing. The matte surface finish makes it a highly versatile substrate, ideal for a wide range of creative work…graphic design, illustration, fine art, photography…the only limit is your imagination. New Eco Solvent Poster Art Paper 210gsm (IFA 145) is ideal for printers operating in the décor art market. Available in rolls from 30” up to 60” wide, in lengths of 30m, perfect for volume requirements where you want to spend time printing, not changing rolls on the machine. No stranger to the quality demanded by the inkjet fine art industry. Innova Art have used their decades of experience to make sure the new Eco Solvent Poster Art Paper 210gsm (IFA 145) ticks all the boxes. Capable of reproducing rich, deep blacks and a wide colour gamut. OBA, acid and lignin free: inline with archival standards required for museums and galleries. In addition to the high print quality, Eco Solvent Poster Art Paper 210gsm (IFA 145) is made from sustainably sourced alpha cellulose. Ensuring that the supply chain does not have an adverse effect on the environment. The paper is also recyclable, so if your print ever reaches the end of its life, the paper it was printed on can be transformed into something new. [...]

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Are you the next Fine Art Trade Guild Digital Printer of the Year?

What is it about you and digital printing? You’re in a great industry. As a truly 21st century technology, producing flawless images on stunning, specially developed papers and canvas, digital printing makes fine art and photography available to everyone. You never get over how beautiful images look as they emerge from your beloved inkjet – intense, sharp, dramatic – and you love seeing the delight on your customers’ faces when they come to collect their prints. Nothing is too much trouble because digital printing is so reliable and so flexible. A one-off, metre-wide print of a photograph from a holiday of a lifetime? Of course! A short-run, limited edition of fine art prints? Certainly, because digital prints really do stand the test of time. Digital prints hang on the walls of the Royal Academy and the Tate, but they look perfect on the walls of canal-side apartments and Georgian terraces, too. Being able to offer a top quality service is its own reward, of course, but don’t you deserve wider recognition for all your care and expertise? How much better would your business be if you were able to tell your customers you’d achieved international recognition for your printing prowess – that you were the winner of the Fine Art Trade Guild Digital Printer of the Year Award 2019, sponsored by Innova Art? How many more customers would that drive to your door? The Fine Art Trade Guild Digital Printer of the Year Award is the UK’s preeminent award for digital printers. Sponsored by the award-winning digital solutions company Innova Art, the Digital Printer of the Year award recognizes and rewards excellence in the fastest developing, most technologically advanced sector of the printing industry. It [...]

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Creating a Printed Portfolio

A portfolio is an essential piece of kit for any one working (or hoping to work) in the creative industries. We see a lot about having an online portfolio which is simple to update but what about when you get that interview or need to meet a client face to face? This is the domain of the printed portfolio. As with most printed objects, the format you choose for your portfolio will dictate how easy it is to update. You could choose a professionally bound book which is only updated when you absolutely have to. Or you may go down the route of a loose leaf portfolio: no binding and complete flexibility on when to update. Or maybe something completely outside the box: a bespoke style representing you as an individual. There are many articles to refer to that cover the types of work to include in your portfolio. The specifics vary by sector of the creative industries but they all follow the same trend: the work should be your best, it should show the skills you want to do most often and you should be able to talk about each project that is featured. In this article we will focus on the practicalities of printed presentation. So, you have your projects picked, your synopsis written and you know that this is it. Your portfolio. The best of the best of everything you have ever done, but how to show it to other people? Outsourcing Your Printed Portfolio Book Shelf-life is the key point when thinking about using a professionally printed and bound book for your portfolio. You don’t want to labour over your book and lovingly create each and every page, only to realise [...]

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Join Innova Art at The Photography Show 2019

Innova Art will be on stand A1/B1 at The Photography Show 2019, March 16-19th, Birmingham NEC, UK. Stop by the stand to see their wide range of inkjet media and image display products. Visitors to stand A1/B1 will be able to get hands on with the entire portfolio of Innova products at The Photography Show 2019. There is something for every photographer within the Innova archival inkjet media range: from smooth to cold press ‘watercolour’ textures; matte, semi-gloss and gloss finishes. For photographers printing and selling their work on canvas, the Innova Canvas range has matte and gloss finishes to choose from. With so many different options available, it is easy to find the perfect match to your personal creative style. There are also a number of ways to add value to you inkjet media prints within the Innova product portfolio. Every image display product offered by Innova is designed to be made without the need for specialist tools or expensive equipment. Visit stand A1/B1 at The Photography Show 2019 to see samples of image display products. Speak to the team and learn more about how easy it is to make your own photo books and decorative displays. Online retailer stock the entire Innova range of inkjet media and display products. They will join Innova Art on stand A1/B1 at The Photography Show 2019, offering exclusive deals on the entire Innova range - only available to show visitors. With a great reputation for customer service, and many years of experience in the inkjet fine art industry, the Fine Art Foto team will be on hand to help with all your inkjet needs.  Put the dates in your diary (March16-19th, 2019) and register for your ticket today. Enter the [...]

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Salon de la Photo 2018 Success For Innova Art: All about photography

Innova Art enjoyed excellent trading at Salon de la Photo, Paris, 8 - 12 November Innova Art teamed up with curator Martin Vegas at Salon de la Photo 2018, Paris, in November, with images from Vegas’s Atlas of Humanity project printed onto Innova Editions® media and displayed to stunning effect. “France is the birthplace of photography and it felt pretty special to be showing these spectacular prints there,” said Mike Ramos-Gonzalez, owner, Innova Art. “At Innova Art, we’ve made 21st-century media out of substrates that have been made the same way for centuries. The Innova Art stand was crowded with people who wanted to use the same combination in their own work.” The on-stand exhibition of Atlas of Humanity portraits was printed entirely on the Innova Editions® range. This includes two mould-made, fully archival cotton rag papers from Fabriano, reengineered for the digital age. All the papers in the Innova Editions® range are OBA, acid and lignin-free – offering an outstanding combination of tone, texture and image vibrancy. Also included are two FibaPrint® digital darkroom surfaces: The ground-breaking Exhibition Photo Baryta 310gsm and the Exhibition Cotton Gloss 335gsm, created to emulate the distinctive aesthetics of traditional darkroom printing techniques. “What can I say? Salon de la Photo is all about photography – photographers loved our products,” said James Cannone, Account Manager, Innova Art. Innova Art was not only showing how to match the world’s best media to photographic images but innovative display technologies too, including JetMaster® Photo Wrap and JetMaster® Photo Panel, and also the GOframe canvas stretching system. “It’s about the dynamics of presenting images, as well as composing and taking them,” continued James Cannone. “JetMaster® Photo Wrap and Photo Panel mean you can [...]

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Photo Plus Expo 2018: Innova Art hits all the hot buttons in New York

Enthusiastic response from visitors to the Innova Art display at Photo Plus Expo 2018, New York, 25 – 27 October Innova Art drew enthusiastic crowds to its stand at Photo Plus Expo 2018, New York, 25 – 27 October, where it displayed rare images from the international photography project, Atlas of Humanity. The exhibition was a huge success with visitors who could also create their own Atlas Of Humanity photo collage with Innova Art’s YouTac® Textile for sharing on social media. All this – and Innova Art’s award-winning range of digital media and print solutions for photographers and artists. “The Atlas of Humanity exhibition – images of the diversity of humankind around the world printed on a range of Innova Art digital digital substrates – was a monster hit,” said Dave Williams, Global Supply Chain and Quality Manager, Innova Art. “First shown at Photokina in Germany; it’s an excellent way to show off what can be done with our media and deserves to be widely seen.” “The images were fantastic and a great draw,” agreed Wayne Connelly, owner of Innova Art. “It hit all the hot buttons with artists, photographers and educators.” “Innova Art products were very well received on all fronts,” Connelly added. “Our YouTac® Textile product, which makes printing and sticking up simple and, just as importantly, easy removal of short term high-impact graphics – worked beautifully. Everyone could see that it’s perfect for décor and for graphic display. One university professor told me how he had used YouTac Textile for a student exhibit, as an inexpensive and speedy way to display work and bring it down at the end, without any damage to walls.” “That the education crowd were generally so actively [...]

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Innova Art at Salon de la Photo 2018: Adventures in photography

Innova Art offers innovation and exchange at Salon de la Photo 2018, Paris, 8 - 12 November Photography was famously discovered in France – thanks to the experiments of Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and his famous collaborator Louis Daguerre.  The discovery marked the beginning of the revolution, now 180 years in the making, that has transformed how we picture our world. The difference is that, back then, photographic image-making was a slow, complex process. Now it’s something we all do – every day, almost without thought, because for us, it couldn’t be easier. France played its part in that, too. The French Government of the time offered Daguerre a pension in exchange for making his invention available to everyone – a gift from France to the world. It worked: photography became a huge hit. Which makes the photography fair, Salon de la Photo 2018, at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, 8 - 12 November, the perfect place in which to celebrate this transformative art form. It’s also an appropriate place for Innova Art to share the benefits of a product range founded upon innovation and exchange. For 15 years now, brilliant solutions from Innova Art have transformed bright ideas into remarkable reality. With Innova Art, it couldn’t be easier. As examples, look out for the exhibition of stunning prints from the inspirational Atlas of Humanity project on the Innova Art stand 5.1 C 012 at Salon de la Photo 2018. Innova Art has collaborated with Italian photographer and curator Martin Vegas to present the first printed images from this international open submission project.  Photographers from around the world, both professional and amateur, have contributed. The images remained online until recently when they were matched to papers from [...]

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Innova Art at Photo Plus Expo 2018: Face to face with truly diverse image-making

Come face to face with the true diversity of humanity on the Innova Art booth (#573) at Photo Plus Expo, 25 – 27 October, Javits Convention Center, New York City. The award-winning digital media specialist Innova Art, in partnership with photographer and curator Martin Vegas, will be displaying images from the acclaimed Atlas Of Humanity project. Originally an online project, Photo Plus Expo 2018 marks the USA debut of any part of the Atlas Of Humanity project in print.  The images – stunning portraits that range across the astonishing cultural diversity of mankind, from Australia to Zimbabwe and everywhere in-between – have been matched to selected papers in the acclaimed Innova Art range of fine art and photographic digital media. Each image on the Innova booth has been printed using the new HP DesignJet Z9+ inkjet printer. The results are immaculate: rich tones, brilliant highlights, scintillating textures – a display that demonstrates the wide choice of sterling quality substrates on offer from Innova Art, and, the quality when paired with expert print technology. Visitors to the Innova Art booth at Photo Plus Expo 2018 will be able to be part of the project: creating their own Atlas Of Humanity photo collage using YouTac® Textile. Or using the Innova Art selfie frame to take a photo of themselves and share it on social media. No visitor will want to pass up their chance to become a temporary exhibit in the Atlas Of Humanity collection.  Product highlights from Innova Art at Photo Plus Expo 2018 include: The acclaimed Innova Editions® range, the connoisseur’s choice of six of the world’s finest substrates, specially selected for quality and durability: Two mould-made, fully archival cotton rag papers from Fabriano, the [...]

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