ICC Profiles

In order to realise the full output quality of your device with our papers, we recommend that you use our specially created ICC Colour Profiles.*

They are all FREE

The profiles work for both PC and Mac computer platforms and support popular Epson, Canon and HP photo printers.

Full instructions on the use of the profiles are included for each printer and computer platform. Please choose your printer manufacturer below to view available profiles:

** CANON PRO 1 / PRO 10 / PRO 100 PRINTERS **
Please Note - We are currently in the process of updating these ICC profiles and new versions will be available soon.

Click here for Olmec ICC Profiles.

* Please note – The profiles provided here are generic profiles, which don’t take into account ‘local’ settings such as monitor calibration and Photoshop settings. However they will allow a closer colour matching from screen to print output than just using the printer driver colour settings alone, but they are not meant to be an exact match such as you would get with a custom profile. Many people find these are sufficient and colours can be tweaked in Photoshop.
Please follow the instructions in the following pdf download:

Download our Installation and activation guide (PDF)

(Whilst we try to provide profiles for most desktop printers on the market, if you don't fiind your printer listed, we recommend the following default settings:
Gloss / Satin FibaPrint papers = Premium Luster / Premium Semigloss
Fine Art Matte papers = Enhanced Matte)

For details of Innova recommended companies in your area who provide a custom profiling service, please contact your local Innova office.

The following company provides custom profiling in Europe:

ColorMatch Pre Press Solutions
Email: info@colormatch.org
Phone: +49 (0) 208 /69 43 959-0
Fax: +49 (0) 208 /69 43 959-3

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