Soft Textured Natural White 100% Cotton 315gsm - IFA 22 - Innova Fine Art

Soft Textured Natural White 100% Cotton 315gsm IFA 22

This luxurious paper is OBA free and has a 100% cotton base, giving a velvety texture only possible to achieve when using cotton linters. Images produced on Soft Textured Natural White 315gsm have enough texture that gives a certain richness to the print whilst still allowing fine details to be clearly seen. Coated with Innova Art’s own formula, the ink receptive layer ensures your print has outstanding image quality. Read more.

FibaPrint® Semi Matte 300gsm - IFA 29 - Innova FibaPrint®

FibaPrint® Semi Matte 300gsm IFA 29

Acid Free and archival quality, FibaPrint® Semi Matte 300gsm has a softer sheen than the gloss papers in our FibaPrint® range. With reduced reflections on the surface, this paper can be displayed in almost any lighting condition. The high white base gives prints a highly saturated feel, making colours pop, ideal for exhibition or portfolio display. Read More.

Wallpaper Smooth Self adhesive 315gsm - IFA 99 - Innova Graphic Art

Wallpaper Smooth Self Adhesive ES 315gsm IFA 99

Create art at any scale with our Eco-solvent, Latex and UV compatible Smooth Self Adhesive Wallpaper. The adhesive lining means that installation is clean and simple – no specialist knowledge or paste is needed and the installation will last as long as any paste up wallpaper. With the scratch resistant properties inherent in eco-solvent, UV and Latex inks, supported by our coating formula, you can print any design, safe in the knowledge that it will not be damaged by passing traffic when it is installed. Read More.